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About Us

Our Story
Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Motocross Ministry was established officially in 2003 with a camp in Marshall, Indiana.  Since then we have continued growing with camps and teams all around the country and in the works of going Global.  God is good with faithful and passionate volunteers and staff. 

Our Vision
To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the sport of motocross.

Our Mission
To present racers, and those they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Our Values
Our relationships will demonstrate a steadfast commitment to honor Jesus Christ and His Word through:
Integrity- Christ-like wholeness in our public and private life
Serving- we model Jesus example of serving
Teamwork- we will express our unity in Christ
Excellence- we do all we do unto Christ and for His glory

Our Game Plan

FCA Motocross Camp should be available to every racer. Camp will disciple racers, recruit leaders and model FCA ministry. Camp has been a key influence in the development of FCA Motocross. We will add camp opportunities, partner with motocross coaches and perfect a camp and clinic model for influence in the Motocross Community.

FCA Motocross Race Teams will be recruited in every race community. A team of Christian racers willing to ride with FCA Motocross bike graphics, live a life of witness for Christ and commit to a racing schedule. Race Team members will serve together trackside and in the community. The Motocross Race Team is the Church on mission to the Motocross Community.

FCA Motocross Trackside Ministry established at every motocross track. FCA will recruit and equip volunteers to lead chapel services, prayer ministries, and service to racers and track owners. We support the Christian ministries already present in motocross and we offer our banner as a holy symbol of fellowship, service and witness for Christ and His Church.

Let the competition begin, let the Glory be God’s.