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2020 Camp Dates 

Oklahoma Motocross/Off-Road Camp
Private Track / Central Oklahoma Camp
Wellston, OK
June 1-5, 2020

South Texas Motocross Camp
Freestone Raceway
Wortham, TX
June 11-14

Ohio Motocross/Off-road Camp
YMCA Camp Kern
Oregonia, OH
June 22-26, 2020

Minnesota Motocross/Off-Road Camp
Trax North / Trout Lake Campgrounds
Pine River, MN
June 22-26, 2020

Tennessee Motocross Camp
Thunder Valley MX / Cedar Lake Camp
Livingston, TN
June 29 - July 3, 2020

Michigan Motocross/Off-Road Camp
Battlecreek / Sherman Lakes YMCA
Augusta, MI
June 29 - July 3, 2020

North Texas Motocross Camp
Oak Hill MX
Alvord, TX
July 6-9, 2020

Arizona Motocross/Off-Road and Endurocross Camp
Lynx Creek / Chapel Rock Camp
Prescott, AZ
July 13-17, 2020

Colorado Motocross/Off-Road Camp
Aztec Raceway / LaForet Retreat Center
Colorado Springs, CO
July 27-31, 2020

New York Motocross/Off-Road Camp
Private Track / Camp Nazareth
Woodgate, NY
August 10-14, 2020

Guatemala City, Guatemala Motocross Mission Camp
San Jose Pinola, Guatemala
When: November, 2020 (Includes motocross camp and other mission opportunities)

FCA Motocross and Offroad Camps

FCA Motocross camp is a unique experience of inspiration and perspiration.  We build our curriculum, schedule and activities from years of experience, since 1956, in ministry and motocross, since 2003, to ensure that your camper has the best Christian Motocross Camp experience possible.  

This camp is for females and males, children (age 6 and up) and adults.  It is for beginners to advanced riders.  We do suggest some ride time on the bike, but do not require the camper to have raced already.  You must have your own dirt bike.  Just like any other sport, we appreciate parents taking the time to train their kids the right way before putting them on a bike.  Having said that, we have a challenging training course for each type of rider.

The track is split up into training stations with an instructor at each station teaching a different motocross technique.  Every camper will experience training from each instructor.  Each day will look a little different as we change up the training.

Participants are split up into groups that we call Huddles.  They are assigned a huddle based on age and bike size.  Age is a distinction for age-appropriate discussion during huddle time (Bible study) and bike size is for safety.  If needed we access participants based on skill level.  This is only if one participant becomes dangerous in the group due to slowness or fastness.  However, we do not have to switch participants often because of the way we have set up training.  The track is split into stations and each huddle takes a station for a certain amount of time with an instructor.  This gives individuals time to work on the station but in their own skill set.  Instructors are good about pulling campers aside to work one-on-one here and there.

There are 2 leaders with each group at all times.  We call them Huddle Leaders.  They are responsible for your child for the week.  Each group/huddle will lodge together, eat together, train together and have Bible study together.  These huddle leaders are hand picked according to their spiritual maturity and relationship skills to kids/adults.  They are required to fill out a Ministry Leader Application (MLA) which is a great way for us to get to know them more, but ultimately serves as a background check.  The instructors are not required to be Christians because we are not asking them to spiritually lead the campers, although we are blessed with great Christian MX instructors that may serve as both the mx instructor and the huddle leader.  If they are staying with the campers, they are required to fill out a MLA.

Please allow a couple hours when you drop off your campers and when you pick them up.  We ask that parents stick around for the Parent Meeting on drop off day.  At the end of camp we will have an awards ceremony and one last chapel.

Once your camper is registered the camp department will email you a confirmation with lots of specific information to each camp.


Typical Camp_Schedule.pdf
Packing Checklist

Information for Non-campers/parents
More about FCA Camps
FCA Camp promo video  
Minor insurance waiver form
Adult insurance waiver form

Registration and Refund Policy

All registration (Parents/Campers/Staff) should be done online by linking to it through the camp specific page on this website or going to and searching for the specific camp.  

Refund Policy

Our objective is to provide a premium motocross schooling experience, professional instruction combined with a quality camping experience based in Christian values. Due to the high demand for our camps, limited availability and in fairness to others - we are forced to implement the following refund policy. Any questions please contact us. Chances are good we can work through a situation if we know about it in advance.

30+ days from camp opening…………Full Refund, must notify us in advance by calling the Camp Registrar

29 => 15 days from camp opening..…..Full Refund if we fill your slot. ½ Refund if we do not, must notify us in advance by calling the Camp Registrar

14 => 0 days from camp opening ….....½ Refund if we fill your slot, must notify us in advance by calling the Camp Registrar

Note 1: $50 of the registration is non-refundable. We have admin and PayPal costs that are unavoidable with every registration and we have to cover that. We hope you understand.

Note 2: All cancellations, forfeits and no-show fees will be donated to the general scholarship fund to help the camp. This includes weather related delays, children being homesick, injuries and any other incident out of our control.

Note 3: Please allow us two weeks to process any refunds. We will get them out as quickly as we can.


Huddle Leaders / Staff