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Michigan Motocross Camp 2017


August 14 - 18, 2017

$695/camper includes everything except a bike, gear and fuel for your bike.
$295/parent or grandparent includes lodging and meals. No riding.

$100 deposit down will get you registered today!

Spring Hill Camp
7717 95th Avenue
Evart, MI 49631

Private Land
7876 US Hwy 10
Evart, MI 49631

Instructors: Last years: Jeff Stanton, Ryan Meyung, Matt Crown, Kreg Bigelow, Justin Brusseau, Jerry Lorenz

For more than 43 years, SpringHill has created life-changing experiences that have enabled young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. They are like-minded with FCA, in that they are all about Him and His message of grace, hope, and love. About 5 miles away on private land we will professionally build the motocross track and expand the track we used last year for training.

Along with on track training we will have fun at the campgrounds.  SpringHill offers wonderful activities including swimming area with a slide, zip line and challenging ropes courses.  This is sure to be a time of inspiration and perspiration for your camper.  It's also set to be one of the most exciting things your child will ever partake in.  Please join us!

Confirmation Letter
Packing List
Camp Schedule- Tentative
Minor Waiver

Jeana Carrasco - Camp Dean
(810) 875-6800

Donita Povolny - FCA MX Director
(612) 718-9000

Gina Woodyard - FCA MX Admin Asst
(502) 572-7700

Ride-A-Thon - Camper Fundraiser
July 8, 2017 at Big Air 

Click HERE for pledge sheet and more details!
$100 entry fee and you must be registered for camp
All funds and fundraising goes to the campers fee.
Contact Tony Dexter for more information:  269-924-9366 or

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