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Bike Nomination Form

It is our desire to give away dirt bikes in the name of Jesus and for the Glory of God.  By the way, this is our communal answer if anyone asks us why we are doing this - please join us with this simple answer.  Thank you for being a part of what God is doing!  

If you have noticed a family with a child under 11 who looks to be financially strapped to participate in this sport, please nominate them.  Please don't let them know you are nominating them or that this program exists.  Please don't share anything - ever - on social media or in front of crowds.

We are also looking for coaches who see a heart for discipleship with this family.  This is not just a bike giveaway.  Long term vision is that this family will go to Heaven one day and that they learn to follow Jesus here on Earth.  We disciple, God saves.

This form will go to the Director and nomination committee. We will follow up with you if the family is picked.  Please note that it is also our desire that if the family has outgrown the bike or done riding it that they give it back to you, the coach/FCA, to keep on giving to someone else.  We can't control this but we can let that be known.